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The Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club
Joining Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club

Becoming a Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club Member

Please use the Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club Official Low Tech Copy-N-Paste Application Form at the bottom of this page to initiate your membership. Alternatively, you can print this form, fill in the blanks, and mail it to the club PO Box (see address below.) Thank for your interest in membership! Members keep K6FB on the air!

Are you interested in Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club membership? The best way to expedite your application is to:

  • Become a regular user of K6FB repeaters. The repeaters are open for everyone to use. Don't be shy
  • Ask a club member to sponsor you. Your sponsor will welcome you to the club and help you to master the repeater control codes.

When you're ready, complete the application in one of the following methods:
1. There is a copy and paste application form at the bottom of this page. Select the application form text, copy it, then paste it in to an e-mail message. Complete the application in your e-mail editor and then send your completed application to
2. Print this form, complete it, and mail it to the address below...

Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 2746
Saratoga, CA  95070

You may wish to review the "Fine Print" section before you begin. It may help to answer some questions you may have regarding Las Cumbres ARC membership. Send no money, no sales man will call.

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  • Do not send any funds with your application.
  • Las Cumbres ARC membership covers the applicant and all licensed amateur radio family members that reside in the same household. 2010 Annual dues for the Las Cumbres ARC are $30. These dues are prorated on a trimester basis: in January - April, $30; in May - August, $20; and September - December, $10.
  • Applicants must hold a current amateur radio license as a prerequisite to membership. The Las Cumbres ARC reserves the right to retrieve and review current license information from online amateur radio call books verifying an applicant's current license status.
  • Your application will be acknowledged typically within two to four weeks. The Las Cumbres ARC board of directors meets once each month to conduct club business. Application requests are handled at this meeting. See the club home page for information on the next board meeting date and time. You are not expected to be present, yet are always welcome.
  • You will need to ask a current Las Cumbres ARC member to sponsor your membership request. Your sponsor will ultimately be responsible for ensuring that you receive the repeater control codes and that you know how to use them.
  • While your application is pending be sure to use the repeaters so that the members and board will be able to meet you. Consider attending club meetings and functions. Check in to the weekly net on Monday evenings. You're always welcome. This is a good way to recruit a sponsor!

Thank You for your interest in Las Cumbres ARC! Members keep K6FB on the air!

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This Official Low Tech Application Form can be selected with your mouse, copied, and then pasted it into a new E-mail message to our webmaster or snail-mail it to the club PO Box.

- -- Las Cumbres Amateur Radio Club Official Low Tech Copy-N-Paste Application Form -- -

E-mail Address:
Day Telephone:
Eve Telephone:
Amateur Operator Call Sign:
Amateur Operator Class (e.g. Technician Plus):
Your LCARC Sponsor (name and call sign):
Your Amateur Radio Interests:

- -- end form -- -

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